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 My Democrats, Your Democrats

The Purification

Republicans retain a hot hand although castigated by a few grumblers, who couldn’t say shit if they had a mouth full and often do, over their ability to negotiate for those with taxable incomes at or below $400K/$450K- single/married filing jointly to remain at the current rates into perpetuity while allowing the payroll tax to rise on the President’s watch. The Republicans completed a series of masterful chess moves including a permanent fix for the abusive Alternative Minimum Tax {ATM} by protecting some upper middle class families from the higher rates, estates from the death tax up to $5M with a 100% exemption and indexed for inflation in 2013 equaling $5.25M. Under the new law portability is permanent between husband and wife with the surviving spouse receiving the benefit of the unused exemption without having to set up trusts or other tax-saving maneuvers. [126] The rate caps with a 5% bump from 35% to 40% for estates in excess of $5M. The new law extends the American Opportunity Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit and Production Tax Credit. [125] We're no card readers but it appears as though the Republicans with nothing on the draw finished this hand with an inside straight flush. How is this possible?


 Now The Republicans can transfer the most difficult decisions to a discombobulated President and yield not on debt ceiling discussions appreciating that no matter what the outcome the United States will not default on its debts as the Secretary of the Treasury will always pay bond interest first and since working on a 2.5T +/- revenue stream a year many other bills can be paid as well even if a tuff love strategy of a partial government shutdown is necessitated by stalled talks. Of course President Obama will take to the airways, talk shows and college campuses to castigate these heartless creatures but his attacks, defamation and demonizing of the faithful opposition long ago pierced the economic parallel of diminishing returns. The master of quadruple doublespeak must now explain to his former supporters now deserters and an edgy populace why Sequestration like Obama care will become the law of the land dealing the economy more default blunt force trauma rather than the reasonable or balanced approach as championed by the likes of Senator Claire McCaskill {D-MO}which is double speak for we screwed the pooch and our own core constitutiences by our endless procrastination since 2011 and even prior when President Obama pissed all over the Bowles-Simpson publication and then threw it the thrash and now we have nothing. We the Democrats are the party of default but let's cover it up with warm an-fuzzy sound bites like our proposals for a "fair and balanced approach" which incidentally means more tax increases leveled on corporate jet phantom people but somehow boom-a-rang onto the average bear resulting in your smaller and smaller paycheck while the Obama's indulge themselves in only the finest life has to offer the rich and famous like separate vacations together. Nothing is to good for President Obama. Rumor has it that Barack and his family costs us $1.5B annually which represents the total costs of the presidency “including the tab for the biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever” [129][130] to maintain their jet setting, fraternizing, hedonistic lifestyle all in the lap of luxury while the U6 unemployment rate has increased to 14.6% [131] and the people suffer. Not bad for a street hustler aka community organizer from Chicago. Meanwhile the other Royal Family that call Buckingham Palace in London home receive about $75M-US [127][128] annually compliments of the taxpaying public in the United Kingdom. 


Why revisit previously hashed over votes? There are no such things as a continuing resolution or a meaningless vote. The Republicans really have no other options and neither does the economy. We must suffer a little now to prevent much suffering later. Besides the talking heads on Wall Street continue to inform us that it’s not the outcome but the uncertainty of not knowing what the outcome may be that riles the markets. By allowing their previous votes to stand and for nature to take its course the Republicans win, The Democrats win and America wins.  Secondly they ride into the  2014 & 2016 elections remaining faithful to their base of fighting a heroic but losing the battle to save the rich, who don’t need it, while secretly saving the country. The President utilizes the lion’s share of his political capital gained from his pyrrhic second term victory which resulted not in healing or reunification of a house already deeply divided but preparing instead to rewrite his own history while his slowly depleted power though precarious now at best remains more suited to serving himself rather than the country well in advance of his retirement from politics while continuing his long running feud with history and promoting his backward vision while tailoring for any public forum or venue willing to call and book his eminence the newest installation and repackaged version of previous speeches of: “look over there” and various other incongruent ramblings delivered from the safety of half empty college auditoriums carefully stacked with happy smiley idiots standing behind him clapping on cue after reading the words “clap”  from their very own big screen teleprompter thinking now nuanced that the single word with a double meaning is also the latest disease not prevented by birth control to be treated for FREE by Obama Care.


The real problem though is that the Democratic Party of which Robbie was once an active member was no longer recognizable. Robbie voted for Hubert Humphrey for President and cried in the early morning when he learned that Richard Nixon had won the Presidency. His last vote for a National Democrat was cast for Michael Dukakis. Robbie had come to realize that the Democratic Party had become increasingly corrupt and relied on payoffs to maintain certain core constituencies; Planned Parenthood, Acorn and one billion dollars of federal stimulus monies expended in El Paso County and The District of Democrat and reliable President Obama supporter Silvestre Reyes who eventually lost his 2012 primary election to an upstart rival.


The prospect of Barack Obama appearing in a nauseating repetitive series of speeches here and there saying pass the bill was in Robbie’s view a desperate plea for more money to shore up the base prior to his last election while hiding behind a jobs bill. The Republicans had finally committed to the necessary junkie like intervention no matter the vehement attacks of a party forced to withdraw from doling out cash here, cash there and everywhere. Robbie reasoned the Democratic Party was akin to the banking system and in the new economy like everything else needed to either find their footing on a smaller economic base from which to thrive or fail. The days of payoffs and payola were over and the Democratic Party was doomed if they continued to gin up support with party favors and special appointments as the government employment rolls were about to tumble much further and possibly land on the horn of the Bull of Wall Street resting below.


The Democratic Party needed to hosts a: “Come to Jesus talk” with themselves and find whatever it is that they really stand for independent of the yours, mine and ours transference of wealth ministry where in the end everyone is broke instead of just the poor. “Misery Loves Company” probably wouldn’t cut it as a campaign promotion. With the ensuing predicable wipe out of the Senate and the Presidency in 2016 the Democrats may be dismissed from power for the next ten years or more and would need to consider retooling from the ground up by rebuilding their base from dog catcher, village, county and city level prior to competing for state and national offices and do so based on belief and not rewards. The only core conviction remaining of the Democratic Party now abandoning Black, Mexican and the Unions was that President Barack Obama emerged to champion the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement throwing open the white house doors for all access hour though contrary to popular misconception and all the street noise the LGBT represents less than 2% of the formerly reliable democratic voting base less of course the Log Cabin Republicans.  Who knew?


As a banker Robbie had been consulted for some of the most difficult decisions and through his deep adherence and willingness to walk away and trust in the Lord he realized long ago that the road does indeed get narrow and that as a child of Almighty God he was called to be the hands of the Lord on Earth and direct people to the most truthful outcome which would be pleasing to the Lord and each and every time he was tested and remained faithful he was blessed with an outcome that was beyond his comprehension as to how he could have landed so gracefully and in a far superior position than if left to his own devices.


Robbie fell prostrate on the deck in prayer and felt the power of the ocean slam against the telephone pole like supports as a white cap broke over the pier and drenched him. He laughed and thought that through his meditative prayers he felt joy whether from a chirping bird outside his window, a random act of kindness by a stranger or in this case a rogue wave.


 My Family; Your Family;

The Catholics;

& Jane

Her nude beauty was worthy of an artistic rendition. Genetics and fitness allowed her to retain perfect legs and buttocks after three children at thirty eight years young.  She never considered augmentation for her small breasts and he would have none of it anyway. He preferred her bust and claimed if you can’t make an entrance with your chest then you’ll have to rely on your God given personality. It worked. She was almost always the life of the party and had introduced more than a few of their friends to each other and hosted more than one wedding reception in house preferring to pamper their guest with home prepared breads, pasta and steaks with plenty of rabbit food for the vegans some of whose faces were loaded with cow bovine.


 Jane recently read of a Plastic Surgeon in Southern California whose patients had claimed that their Botox injections had cured their migraine headaches.  She laughed and thought to herself that at least they finally found a proper use for such poison. She reflected how women especially in South Florida would sacrifice many tomorrows risking the ghoulish lingering effects of old plastic surgery for a few years of stellar appearances. How sad she thought. She quietly recited the words “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest one of all...while flashing her multi carat rock off the chandelier glass in their bathroom.


Her ring was flawless for clarity, cut and color and not compressed carbon but cubic zirconium.  She retained peace of mind that the ring on her finger was not a conflict diamond but a four hundred dollar score compliments of her mother in law. If people knew that the word carat was named after a carob bean for its exact weight of .2 of a gram, [1] or that an expert jeweler may not ascertain the difference between real and fake diamonds they may be motivated like other rich people she knew to keep up appearances without buying into the hype that diamonds like your love last forever. What Bullshit! To go into debt as a young couple for a rock and then remain in debt for the rest of your life; I mean the ring, the wedding, the mortgage. It’s all by design to create indentured servants of the working and non working class formerly known as the middle class.


Stay in debt and work like a dog if you can find a job and in the end because you’re gone so much that after a while you realize that you’re living with a stranger and then it comes to you that life is a bitch and then you married one and you traded your vows for some extra marital relief. Then it’s time for the lawyers and more debt and you get to see your kids once in a while and the fairy tale is over and so is your life as you thought you knew it. The only thing missing was and is your relationship with God! Another train wreck compliments of any one or more of the seven deadly sins!


 Jane was bound by her love of her family and everything else was just stuff. As a church going mother of an active churched family she reminded her friends prior to their reciting of vows of holy matrimony that this union is and between the three of you; husband, wife and Christ and without God in the marriage the union will almost never last against the constant temptations, incantations and endless hype from the business channels devolving into daily infomercials of one hotdog hyping this stock or another moron’s talking points extolling the one with the amoral caveats by proxy that wealth is the way to happiness or how to improve your sex life hype with the new his and her jack rabbit vibrator on late night television. How sad she thought!


The simplicity of life is that happiness is an inside job and Jane knew the difference. She wanted what she had rather that having what she wanted. She also believed that no matter what the pundits and revisionists print or promote on television it is and always will be a man’s world and women who invoke the folly of going it alone or depending of the government for any lexicon of equality will be doomed to a quiet lonely and in more cases than not an existence of working class poverty left to ponder their fate of the later in life questions of who will care for me in my old age? Most people will never experience the golf cart vanity and dating scenes offered by South Florida retirement communities.


It is a lie that our fearless leaders could tax us to equality and affluence yet only a few well healed politicians who have feathered their nest and that of their favorite constituents through intricate and indecipherable tax and contract language have been able to achieve a temporary reprieve from the oppression of their own corruption and for their folly of lust, power, greed and theft they will be scattered through the universe like survivors clinging to the remnants of a wrecked ship pierced by a hacking or shark attack.


6. Ten Years After-Now-2005.10