Sara Our Favorite Cocktail Waitress Arrives in Miami

From The Badlands of New Mexico

 The weed still worked but it was such a hassle to use with discretion. Bill’s tolerance to booze was increasing and the hangovers were really painful. Trying to maintain that perfect pharmaceutical balance was really time consuming and if he didn’t periodically detoxify for a few days he knew that the poisons would simply accumulate in his system and when forced to withdraw the delirium tremens and night sweats replete with visions of hell were not something anyone wanted to experience especially Bill.  His sex life was nothing more than hit and run and episodic at best with women he barely knew and other than their hotness he couldn’t stand to be around them. He was a master of swapping drugs for a quickie but wouldn’t be caught dead in the trashed apartments of some of the most gorgeous cocktail waitresses in town. He wondered how they could pull themselves together after night after night of hard partying and look as good as they did while residing in such pig sties.


He whipped his phone out and within seconds a cooing voice replied:  “Bill is that you.” “Yes Natasha it is, what’s up.” “What time is it Bill?” He squinted at his watch in the moonlight and said: “it’s almost two o’clock Natasha.” He could tell that she was already in bed. She whispered: “I have been thinking about you, do you want to come over?” He said:  “I’ll be there in half an hour” and immediately popped a weasel anticipating her sultry twenty three year old body and cigarette toned raspy voice whispering sweet dirty nothings while chewing on his ear lobe.  Natasha loved to smoke dope and she would watch and chat about life while Bill rolled one joint after another on her makeshift coffee table squeezing the seeds out while generating the perfect zip with assembly line precision of each successive prune or tomato. She sat in complete adoration while Bill packed her new stash behind the Camels in her flip top box hard pack.


Bill arrived at the gated apartment complex which faced the beach and ocean just across the street. The sand tone buildings were accented with Miami turquoise and lavender striping. The gargantuan complex was seven stories tall and Natasha of course lived on the top floor on the end next to the stairwell. It was a small one bedroom with a front view of the ocean and the rear view facing the pool in the middle of the complex.  Bill parked the Jaguar and hustled up the stairs quietly rapping on her door which was already ajar. Natasha clad only in white tie panties and a black silk robe Bill bought for her on a previous trip to Singapore greeted him at the door standing on her tippy toes, and his pet name for her, to kiss him on the mouth with both hands caressing his face. Bill pushed inside the apartment and closed the door behind him and proceeded to sit at his rolling station and went to work as he was so overwhelmed with her beauty that he wanted to fill the quietness with something to overcompensate for his personal insecurities.


 Natasha set an open beer in front of him on a coaster on the coffee table. Bill inquired: “Why do you place a coaster on top of this scratched up table” Natasha sighed and said while taking a drag on a cigarette: “It’s force of habit I guess; You know Bill my name is not really Natasha.” Bill always one to appreciate a truthful moment as his life was a total lie, and he knew it, looked up and said: “Really”  Natasha continued: “Yes and I’m not from Russia, I’m Sarah from Sacramento and before that Nebraska and I arrived here from Las Vegas and I was born in New Mexico and my parents are buried in Santa Fe. 


I met a woman named Natasha Chornesky a photographer and I really loved her name so when I moved here I assumed her identity so that guys at the club would think that I was one of those Russian Models that have flocked to Miami in the last ten years or if not Russian then at least the homegrown hotness of one Jenn Sterger! 


But then I read that the real Natasha Chornesky a heterosexual woman, I thought, and a photographer was living a life to incongruent for me.  She advertised allegedly to shoot gay weddings and I realized that I needed to distance myself from her as much as I love her name. Besides I want to get married some day and I think women who promote or support gay marriage may end up as unmarried women and alone for forsaking God’s plan in their lives of breathing, living and speaking the gospel and in search of God and as we all know some very eligible bachelors remain less overtly sophisticated and may not quite understand her motivation in promoting alternative lifestyles when his expectations for marriage probably include few if any surprises and growing old with a  brood of five or six or at least one or two children or none if that’s the will of God with his traditional conservative wife.


 It’s really sad, Bill, to see TV people like the stunning Jonna Spilbor flopping her cleavage on the deck. Hello! I’m lonely and desperate but I’m providing legal analysis on this show and promoting gay marriage too! Does not compute, does not compute!”  Natasha said as she walked around the room indulging Bill with robotic dance movements. Bill stopped rolling and leaned back in the couch enjoying the show of her, all of me, display in a private viewing for him while dancing in her silk robe, rolling open to expose her panties and braless form. He couldn’t resist staring at her and watching her face and the bounce of her hair over the top of her head with each start and stop motion but most of all Bill was enamored with her vivid personality. He grimaced when he remembered that he forgot his google glasses at home and wanted to include a video clip of Natasha in his homemade documentary: “The Life of Bill” without her consent of course!


Natasha continued:  “I haven’t selected my new identity yet and I don’t know what to do as I am working at the hottest club in town and I don’t want to make any waves in Miami. Get it Bill, making waves.  


“I thought maybe you could come in some evening and hang out and call me by my real name and then when the bartenders ask why you called me Sarah I can say because that’s what my friends call me and then they would start to refer to me as Sarah too and I could start the road to making that transition back to who I really am.” Bill was dumfounded and replied: “So who cares if she is shooting gay weddings?” Sara: “Well Bill it’s not like that, why don’t gay people support other gay people and offer them the business for their commitment ceremonies, weddings and receptions? These are very personalized intimate events where you’re probably inviting people you don’t know into your home.  After all for all the drama gay society has put the entire country through in the last few years they represent a massive 3.8% of the population of the United States. 


Alleged lesbian Vanessa Willock allegedly sought several soliciting bids and then made a fuss when the one or two Christian photographers in Taos, New Mexico declined to offer their services for her commitment ceremony. Did she really want to hire them for her special day when they told her the truth? Of course not! Did another photographer provide the service? Yes. Did she file a complaint with the human rights commission of New Mexico also known as the gay rights commission of New Mexico because Vanessa Willock told her: ‘No?’ You know it. This case is about two lesbians wanting to play house, whose feelings were hurt, that went all the way to the New Mexico Supreme Court when everyone knows that gay marriage and commitment ceremonies promote socially disordered relationships that are harmful to the participants as well as society at large and remain for all time as an abomination to Almighty God. Would you let your emotionally truncated children get married at say age eleven? It must take a lot of drugs and booze to keep those relationships all cheeky and shit. What ever happened to: ‘we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?’ So now that state is telling us how to run our businesses too and who we have to serve? I thought the free market would provide a service if sufficient demand required it. Were there any damages here; No, just an admonishment of one or two gay people resulting in the persecution of some fine upstanding Christians in Taos, New Mexico


Since Santa Fe and Taos by proxy are now listed on the map as the gayest cities in the United States let’s work through the mechanics of the motives of the plaintiff Vanessa Willock. I mean with all the gay friendly businesses in two of the gayest cities in America why bother with the Christians when you had other photography offers including some that were less expensive? Feels like a set up, don’t you think Bill?” Bill conveys the look of stoner indifference. Sarah continues: “Is this one of those nasty smear but masked attacks by a couple of lesbians to project their self hatred onto the persecution of a couple of ‘Happy Christians’ who they couldn’t stand and utilized the machinery of a corrupt state government to further their goal of tearing down all that is good in society through a system that appears much like social anarchy, why?


Homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered;[163] Not my words, but those of the church. I can just hear Vanessa Willock as she allegedly hung up the phone with the studio after calling them back and telling them she was gay; “te, he, he, he.”


No, Natasha, that woman in Vegas who I stole her name, is just a stooge and she’s probably never going to shoot enough gay weddings or other gay events to make it worth  her time while damaging her reputation in the process with people who are opposed to fictional moral plays. Listen up Bill, the New Mexico Human Rights commission aka the New Mexico Gay Rights Commission ruined that photography studio and business in Taos named Elane Photography because the studio owners refused to accept the contract for a gay event and honor God instead of man!


I have the utmost respect for Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin as God uses his own prodigal children like Vanessa Willock, who he loves and seeks her return to him like the Shepard seeking the lost sheep or the woman sweeping her floor to find a lost coin, to test those he loves like Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin. Isn’t the mystery of Almighty God beautiful?”





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