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“No thought is required other than to maintain total power in the relationship and eventually your mind stops breathing and then you revert to pretending your thirteen and run around all day in your pajamas until they’re finally in vogue when the sun drops in time for movie night and everyone is home for their curfew, hating you and each moment they have locked themselves into this fake existence, for what to lose their identity and sexual gifts in the process? No thank you! I think that’s what Crystal Harris reasoned or at least that’s what the man behind the curtain instructed her to do and hold out for more with the caveat that if you’re going to sell out then barter for everything you can before his expiration date; what do you think, Bill?”


Bill: “Wow, Alex you really are deep” Bill proceeds to draw another beer and takes a double of tequila too, but remembers to ask Alex if she wants another hit. She declines and chews the ice cubes laden with the scotch residue. Bill proceeds: “I do disagree with you on one thing though Alex we are not morally bankrupt as a country” Alex: “Why is that Bill?”  Bill: “Because of President Obama and all the great things he has accomplished.” Alex: “You’re killing me here Billie, do tell” Bill: Well one of my favorite people Hayden Panettiere thinks he is amazing” Alex: “Bill who is Hayden Panettiere?” Bill: She’s starred in Scream Four and now in Nashvegas, I mean Hashville, or is it Nashville and to me she’s an American hero. She’s a vegetarian and she applauds the United States condemnation of Iceland’s disregard for the global ban on whaling and commended President Obama for taking a stand, any stand.”  Alex: “Oh, Bill you mean the Hayden Panettiere who had to have her tattoo removed [164] because she misspelled the phrase “live without regrets” inked in Italian of course and was allegedly the butt of the joke in the movie.  “We’re the Millers” By the way Bill Pam Anderson went vegan. Have you seen her lately? Vegetarianism is not a religion or spiritual path.”


Alex continued: “Bill your mind is a sponge and you are absorbing way too much garbage. Think of life at birth as the apex of your physical existence here on earth and once we are borne we start to die. People either adhere to the truth in the teachings laid before us for thousands of years in the great religions or they are left to their own devices and fall into the trap of believing that their stuff, friends and success is real and that they are the creators of their own truth or that truth is relative and that there is no right and wrong. Through a process of self indulged suffering whether young, middle aged or old people either accept the Love of God or live in denial it’s that simple. Those that accept their spiritual gifts can live a life far elevated from the day to day tribulations of us all. Yes they have problems like everyone else but they have faith that they are responsible for their efforts and God is responsible for the results.


In essence, Bill, faith keepers live their peace of knowing that Almighty God is their heavenly father and as his children they are co-heirs of the universe. Why seek fame or power when you already own everything in the world without any debt hangover? The greatest joy in life is wanting what you have; like your marriage, children, job, home and faith; not having what you want. The psudeo enlightened amongst us think that these people are losers while they retain contempt of almost everything in their life and everyone in their life. Why? Because deep down inside they know they are living a lie. They know that one day the network will pull the plug and they may never work again and it shows in their Darwinian callousness etched just below the surface of their beaming personalities. Look at Andy Dick.


Andy had a great television career and was doing quite well until his disease wrestled control of his life away from him. He was arrested for indecent exposure for exposing his buttocks at a McDonalds in 2004. In 2005 at the Yuk Yuk club in Edmonton, Alberta Dick dropped his pants and exposed his genitals to the audience. Amid the uproar he was ushered off stage and the second night was cancelled. [133]


In 2007 Dick was forcibly removed during an appearance of Jimmy Kimmel Live after repeatedly touching another guest Ivanka Trump and while performing in Columbus Ohio he was arrested for urinating on a sidewalk and building and was allegedly intoxicated during his stand up performance and groped patrons at a comedy club.


He was arrested in a bar in Huntington, West Virginia at 4:00am for sexual abuse after reportedly groping a patron and a bartender and eventually entered a diversion program. [119]


Also In 2007 at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles, Dick was in an altercation with his former NewsRadio co-star Jon Lovitz who claimed that, a year earlier, Dick had approached Lovitz at a restaurant and said, "I put the Phil Hartman hex on you; you're the next one to die," and demanded an apology from Dick. Lovitz has accused Dick of re-introducing Hartman's wife (Brynn Omdahl) to cocaine, who had a relapse, killed Hartman while he slept in his Encino, California home, and then shot herself. When Lovitz joined the cast of NewsRadio as Hartman's replacement in its fifth and final season he told Dick: "I wouldn't be here now if you hadn't given Brynn that cocaine." [134]


In 2008 Dick was arrested after exposing the breasts of a 17 year old by pulling her tank top and bra down in a drunken stupor in Murrieta, California. [135]


In 2010 Andy Dick broke into a home and had a brief altercation with the residents though no charges were filed. Dick also was sued in Dallas County with claims that he exposed himself at a club where he was performing and forced the side of a customer’s face onto his genitals after the patron requested an autograph. [136]


In 2011 Dick was thrown out of the AVN Awards a pornographic movie awards ceremony, after repeatedly groping and stalking adult film actress Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. [137]


Dick was at a party connected with the Newport Beach Film Festival. He appeared intoxicated, exposed himself, urinated on a backdrop and afterwards destroyed it by pulling it down. The organizers claimed that this caused thousands of dollars of damage and considered suing Dick over the incident. [138] Also in 2011 Dick was a guest on The Greg Fitzsimmons radio show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and gave an anti-Semitic rant directed towards Howard Stern. He labeled Stern a "money grubbing Jew" as well as repeatedly calling him a "hook-nosed Jew". [139] His attack on Howard Stern in a vicious mean spirited way had nothing to do with the life that Mr. Stern has created for himself with the help of Almighty God but was instead foisting and projecting his own failures onto Howard Stern as if someone else was responsible for his {Dick’s} life.


Andy Dick was nominated for the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars with Sharna Burgess and performed the Viennese Waltz in honor of his daughter Meg. [140] We hope and pray that Andy Dick has overcome the alcohol, drug and sexually induced depraved demons in his life and their repetitive haunting of him and laid them to rest once and for all though we must say as an artist his behavior represents a masterpiece of comedy violating any pretense of social order or boundaries and especially political correctness. I mean being dragged away by your legs from the set of Jimmy Kimmel for wanting to lay a wet one on Ivanka Trump. That’s hilarious. Rubbing people’s faces against your member in some seedy bar in West Virginia and emulating Michael Richards at the Improv in Los Angeles screaming:  ‘you’re all a bunch of ….’ that’s way past the outer limits; He blows away Andy Kaufman and his fake wrestling skit. Comedians are especially gifted at channeling other people’s emotions yet are equally sensitive people who tend to live on the high wire and when they fall the ravine is deep and the climb out is steep.


Another one of your favorites is Kathy Griffin who reminds me of the female counterpart of Andy Dick. In fact she kinds of resembles him on camera and off. Do you think they are really the same person?  Maybe they should get married then she could become Kathy Dick or if Andy wanted to shed his past he could change his name from Dick to hers and become Andy Griffin.


 Kathy Griffin runs around naked, gets drunk and falls down, uses profanity on live television and routinely attacks people who retain moral values. She recently referred to Michelle Bachmann as a bigot for not supporting gays in the military. Her life is built on anarchy and when people are tired of a fifty year old drunk naked obscene comedian slobbering all over herself then she will either deal with it or not and may end with nothing but her own emotional angels and demons for company.


 Kathy Griffin is terrified because her greatest fear is that one day she will be all alone and she’s probably right; she will be. There’s nothing funny about that.  Then we can progress up the platter pole of other morally indifferent personalities like Piers Morgan who has previously adamantly denied that he was involved in the phone hacking scandal of his previous employer, has attacked the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution and American Gun owners and has lamented that he wished the British would have won the American Revolutionary War blaming King George and his ineptness for the loss of the American Colonies! He lauded Paris Hilton for overcoming her oral copulation video that she is suspected of leaking to become famous for being famous now her name a tired afterthought and shortly after his must see interview with Paris and her incoherent Mother another network asked the appropriate question that eluded Piers as to whether her time has passed. Paris circled up with her closest advisors to prepare and regurgitate an answer like a child hopelessly confused standing at the blackboard ready to wet her pants in an anxiety strewn moment prior to reciting words as spoken exactly by the teacher.



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