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Bill couldn’t stand the silence and so he retrieved two more perfectly formed buds from his wallet and showed them to Alex who replied. “What is that Bill; marijuana?” Bill replied: “Yes and I have prescription for it from Dr. Gerald Grass a pain management physician from Yale.” Alex laughed and said: “You’re telling me that you have a medicinal marijuana prescription from a physician named Dr. Grass?” Bill was fixated by her reply: “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”


Alex started to laugh so much that she almost cried and said: “Bill you’re such a liar” Bill caught up in her spontaneous laughter thought how dopey what he said sounded so he just replied again with a chuckle: “Yes I’m telling you before I flunked out of school, I went to Dr. Grass.” Her laughter grew to almost hysterical proportions and as she pulled into the driveway and now barely able to see she turned the engine off and cradled the steering wheel in both arms and just laughed for almost five minutes more.


Bill realized that he had just yanked victory from the jaws of defeat and his meal ticket at least for the moment was secure. He helped Alex from the car as she was still hunched over the extended exhilaration now cramping her abdominal muscles. They each showered ordered Chinese food for delivery and spent the rest of the evening watching television with Alex intermittently breaking into fits of laughter.


Then just before retiring for the evening now early morning, Alex motioned for Bill to follow her outside to the deck where they sat on their extra long saw horse replica bar stools to keep their tipsy guests from falling overboard. Bill reached inside the refrigerator for a frosted glass placed it under the tap and drew a Heineken and his favorite draft beer available as a non pasteurized draft keg just steps from and adjacent to his bedroom. This really is the life he thought and returned to his seat.


Alex piped up: “That’s okay I didn’t want anything” and then went to the bar and poured a Johnny Walker Black from her private stock over ice. She paused and murmured:  “I don’t know what’s coming tomorrow or shall I say later today so I better make it a double” and proceeded to splash more refined whiskey over the cubes. She sat cross ways on the sawhorse facing Bill and they quietly meditated as if in church mesmerized by the glint of the full moon reflecting off the lap pool and the occasional hint of the white surf cresting above but miles beyond their retaining wall magnified in intensity by this exceptionally exotic lunar event ever so brilliant it must represent a warning from Almighty G-d of some pending disaster thought Alex.


Alex as almost always spoke first: “Bill do you believe in God?” His reply was muted and reflective and something that Alex savored as her mental discipline of working twenty hour days retained certain benefits like wearing the other party down until they just spoke their truth as he said: “I don’t know, I guess there is something or someone out there but I’ve really never given it much thought.” Alex then became more specific: “Bill have you ever thought about dying?”  Bill replied: “Well Alex I really can’t say that I have and although we see it every day on television and read about it in the newspaper and online I guess people like me never think it’s going to happen to them or when it does we just go to bed one night and not wake up the next day. I mean I would hate to be eaten by a shark or burn up in fire like after a car accident where you couldn’t get the doors open or something like that but honestly I just don’t give it much thought”


Alex: “So Bill when you die if you can think about it for a second where do you think you will go, if anywhere?” Bill:  “You mean like heaven or hell?” Alex: “I’m asking you Bill”  Bill: “Well I think that if there is a God that everyone would go to heaven because if we make it through this time where money is always tight, my friends change each month and God has caused so much pain here on earth. I mean why do we have to die in the first place and how about that little girl who was thrown in the swamp like a piece of trash in bags no less with duct tape around what was left of her skull and then the defense guy saying that she drowned in the swimming pool. What mother would murder her child?  I mean I’m no rocket scientist but even I knew that her grandma didn’t have all her oars in the water and the grand father with the girlfriend who shows up to testify against him. He was a double winner especially after he pulled that dopey suicide move and the police rescued him at the no tell motel.


What kind of God would allow all this bad stuff to happen?” Alex: “Well Bill that’s a really good question but remember Almighty God gave us each free will to do as we please. Some people dedicate themselves to acting as God’s hands here on earth and others become predators in society; to each his own, He loves us all as if we were the only person that ever existed. I want you to think about that. When people stray from God or avoid his message like pretending the Ten Commandments are really the ten suggestions or that places like Sodom and Gomorrah don’t exist and Lot’s wife wasn’t turned into a pillar of salt and Almighty God executed judgment on those cities for the sexual depravity that transpired within. A friend of mine just returned from the exact spot where a dig has verified that they did indeed exist. If people don’t heed the word of God then they are more likely to live in sin and the wages of sin are death, that’s the reason for my earlier question, because Bill if you’re going to go around pumping whores in the bathrooms of clubs you will become one with them.


St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says basically that: ‘God warns us not to be joined sexually with harlots because we would be using our body as an instrument of unrighteousness, and thus allowing sin to reign in our mortal bodies. The result is spiritual bondage. Satan’s perversion of sex in our present culture equates sex with love, and it has become a false god to be worshipped and unfortunately many Christians believe the lie.’[3] Remember Bill all other sins are committed outside the body but the sexual sin is especially grievous as it is committed against one’s own body and temple of the Holy Spirit.”


Bill: Well what if I don’t believe in any of that and let’s say I’m a Buddhist?” Alex: “Well first of all Bill, Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy and although Buddhism and Catholicism share many beliefs like the sanctity of life some Buddhists like the Tibetan Buddhists belief in rebirth or reincarnation which is incompatible with the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So which is it Bill are you a Cafeteria Catholic or a true believer? We both know you were baptized, confirmed and received your first Holy Communion and until your teens faithfully attended weekly mass even serving as an altar boy. You were so cute in your cassock.”  Bill: “So what is it with you? I thought we were going to come out here and just stay numb for an hour or so watching the moon and listening to the ocean?” Alex: “That’s the problem Bill and not just for you but for millions of Americans who stuff their feelings with booze, smokes, drugs, food, social media, smart phones, gambling and illicit sex.


 I want to run a public service commercial that If you don’t want to get fat don’t hang out at McDonalds or Jack in the Box. I walked into each one of those restaurants on two different days in the middle of the afternoon and every person sitting around at the dining tables was totally obese and looked miserable. It’s like they were shackled to an invisible ball and chain and had to be near a fast food kitchen replete with a deep fryer or they would die from starvation though the reality is quite the opposite.”


“But please listen; Bill people are used to not feeling their feelings and then the addictions to keep those emotions in check take over and before they know it their teeth are rotting and their skin is peeling off due to a chalk or chicken feed addiction.


Bill: “People don’t get addicted to chalk or chicken feed”. Alex: “I’m talking about Methamphetamine and it’s all the rage in Hollywood. Can you believe it that people aspiring to be movie and television stars would risk their health and looks messing around with drugs?”


Why do they do it? The same reason this country is in such bad shape, they are morally bankrupt like Bill Mayer and willing to compromise their health, looks and wealth for a cheap high now and accept, though in denial, the debilitating consequences to follow.


Look at Hugh Hefner Bill, He’s what, like eighty something and he had a great run for a pornographer, lecherous, misogynist who was previously bested by a twenty something year old whose timing in life was impeccable. Hef was probably counting on the video fee of the wedding to keep his image intact and wanted her to sign a prenuptial and she knowing he was going to make a mockery of his wedding vows and of God with some chick named Anna and then one day the sky opened up and Crystal Harris may have experienced a moment of clarity where she said who am I to change his bed pans in the next few yeas while he exploits me now like he has everyone else in his life. But alas she couldn’t stand firm in her convictions or her price was higher than previously thought as he lured her back into his life and bought her a $5M mansion. “I’m the rising star here and I want more out of life that to let him lay his flaccid great grandfather wiener in my mouth. That’s totally going to cost him more” Alex reasoned what Crystal thought or she had a great agent. Either way she played Hugh Hefner like a Sratavarius Violin working on his E.G.O. {edging God Out} until he capitulated.



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